AristaCare at Parkside- 5th Floor Resident Wing Alterations

AristaCare at Parkside- 5th Floor Resident Wing Alterations

Linden, NJ

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Project Completion:

A remarkable interior renovation that has redefined the concept of comfort and luxury within a nursing home setting

At GutVann Architecture, we take pride in presenting our latest project at AristaCare at Parkside. Our team expertly handled construction documentation and secured the essential DOH/DCA approvals for this venture. The fifth floor now boasts resident rooms that exude the charm of a world-class resort, complete with elegantly designed shower rooms, a revamped dining area, and inviting lounges.

We've meticulously transformed this space to create an environment that promotes not just well-being but also a sense of opulence. AristaCare at Parkside now stands as a testament to our commitment to marrying innovative design with meticulous attention to regulatory detail, offering a unique and upscale experience for residents and their families.